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The Band
Founded in May 2015, this band, based in Brussels, meets 3 French musicians in an unusual trio: saxophones, keyboards, drums. From contemporary music to jazz or fusion, The "Ghosts" gather their universe in a very open music, both classical and progressive at heart. 
Garbage Ghost released his first EP on April 6th 2016.

The Ghosts
Quentin Gayrard - Saxophones
After conducting parallel studies of philosophy at the University of Nantes and music conservatrories of Angers and Bourges, he entered the Brussels Royal Conservatory in 2012 in the saxophone class of Fabrice Alleman and Stéphane Mercier. The various formations in which he worked (classical, jazz, traditional music, theater, electronic music ...), show a willingness to overcome the musical boundaries. Strongly inspired by philosophers such as Nietzsche and Foucault, interdisciplinarity is one of his major concerns.

Quentin Meurisse - Keyboards, Computer
After he was graduated with a bachelor of Music and Musicology from the university of La Sorbonne, he was going the plat landscape of Belgium, where he made the entrance of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He began in the class of Jean Claude Van Den Eyden, and finished is master degree in the class of Eliane Reyes. He act as pianist, composer and programer in several project, from classical music (duo Densité 19.3) to jazz music (Garbage Ghost), and also in pluridisciplinar projects as with Compagnie Macha (contemporary danse) or Compagnie EKWA (theater). 
Fond of contemporary music, he takes his inspiration in Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henri, Stockhausen, Boulez and Steve Reich's music, and also in Jazz fusion and Rock in opposition. He create sounds as a plastic material that can be disassembled and recreated.

Pierre Hurty - Drums
He began the drums at the age of 7 years old, before expanding his sound panel with classical percussion few years later. After a science baccalaureat, he studied at the Conservatory of Tours in the class of Jean-Baptiste Couturier where he obtained a DEM of Percussion in 2015. In parallel, he entered the Brussels Royal Conservatory in the class of Bart Quartier and Gert François. He evolves in classical groups such as jazz projects. He participates in the creation of Quatuor IGYN in 2015 with three percussionists and develops with Dodéca'hands ensemble a project about the Symphonic Dances of West Side Story. Very influenced by the music of Avishai Cohen, Snarky Puppy or Tigran Hamasyan, he plays as drummer with Janero Family and Garbage Ghost.
Thibault Dupont - Sound Engineer, Producer

And also .....

Pauline Caplet - Photographer
Anna Huang -
Graphic Artist
Our 1st EP is out !
Recorded and Mixed by Thibault Dupont @ Studio Dada, December 19, 2015
Mastered by Jules Fradet 
Cover by Anna Huang
Photos by Pauline Caplet

Upcoming Concerts

Jun. 11, 20h | L'Atelier | Brussels (BE)
Previous Concerts
May 21, 20h30 | Zoart asbl-vzw (Jazz Marathon) | Brussels (BE)
May 20, 21h00 | Brasserie LR6 (Jazz Marathon) | Brussels (BE)
Apr. 17, 15h00 | The Music Village | Brussels (BE)
Apr. 30, 22h00 | Brasserie LR6 | Brussels (BE)
Mar. 19, 22h00 | Brasserie LR6 | Brussels (BE)
Mar. 18, 12h30 | Point Culture ULB | Brussels (BE)
Fev. 27, 20h | L'Atelier | Brussels (BE)
Jan. 23, 22h | LR6 | Brussels (BE) 


Dec. 11, 20h | L'Os à Moelle | Brussels (BE) 
Oct. 17, 20h30 | L'Atelier | Brussels (BE) 
Sept. 20, 21h | Café Kafka | Brussels (BE)
Jul. 09, 19h | Music School | Brétigny-sur-Orge (FR) 
May 23, 20h | Haekem | Brussels (BE) 
May 22, 20h | Haekem | Brussels (BE)

Email : contact@garbageghost.com 
Facebook : http://bit.ly/21LWUga
SoundCloud : http://bit.ly/1RFuLYO
YouTube : http://bit.ly/1RFvSHU


Presskit : (coming soon) 
Technical Sheet : (coming soon) 
Stage Plan : (coming soon)